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To join organized dentistry simply logon to www.padental.org/joinnow and complete the online membership application.  Upon receipt of the application, the Pennsylvania Dental Association will forward a packet of membership benefits and a dues invoice.  

When you join organized dentistry, you are joining at the local, district, state and national levels.  This arrangement allows you to receive membership services and benefits at all levels. This tripartite membership system was developed as a means of conveniently and economically streamlining professional membership.  Even though belonging at one level requires membership at the other three, it is important to remember that each level of the organization has the freedom to determine its own dues. 

Benefits of Membership
Did you know that the overwhelming majority of members, 87 percent, perceive the PDA as the leading advocate for dentistry on legislative and regulatory issues in Pennsylvania?  Furthermore, 78 percent of members agree that PDA is a valuable information resource.

Discounted Fees
First year, new members receive:

• FREE admission to PDA meeting in October 2011

• Discounted fees for 1st year continuing ed seminars

Membership Directory
PDA members are automatically included in PDA’s online member directory.  The directory, a prominent feature of the website, is an excellent opportunity for you to market your practice to the public. 

You’ll receive important publications like the ADA News, Journal of the American Dental Association, Pennsylvania Dental Journal and Transitions.  These publications provide timely information on clinical research, professional issues, classified advertisements and continuing education opportunities. 

Finding the professional or personal insurance plan that meets your needs, including malpractice and disability insurance, is just a click away at www.pdais.com.  Complete one of the fast, secure online quote forms and a PDAIS representative will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote within three business days, or call (877) 732-4748.  All forms are directed through a secure server so your personal information remains private.

Mentoring Program
Find or be a mentor through the PDA!  The program caters to both dental students and new dentists in Pennsylvania. 

The PDA Members’ Library
There are more than 400 informational brochures, manuals, posters, videotapes and slide presentations available to members for a minimal shipping and handling fee.  To help build a patient base or to learn about practice management, many dentists have borrowed videos and acquired brochures from the library Titles that may be of interest include: “Starting Your Dental Practice” and “The Successful Dental Practice: An Introduction.”  Contact Linda Platzer, llp@padental.org, to request a copy of the Members’ Library Catalog.

Lobbying Efforts
PDA consistently lobbies on dentists’ behalf. 

The PDA Placement Service
This is a members-only, job search assistance program.  It connects dentists who have available job opportunities or practices for sale with dentists seeking employment or wishing to purchase a practice.